Can the US government go after the arbitrators for arbitrating contracts?

By JEFFREY LEWIS | 12 June 2017 | 10:00:02It’s not as if we don’t have the power to go after arbitrators.

In fact, it’s exactly what we’re doing. 

We’re sending letters to arbitrators and demanding they sign contracts they don’t want to sign.

But we’re also sending letters demanding they do sign the contracts.

In some cases, they have no choice. 

The government’s use of its powers in the arbitration clause is nothing new. 

As we’ve reported previously, the US Congress enacted the arbitration clauses into law in 2009. 

But the power the federal government has to send letters and demands to arbitrate contracts has been expanded to include the use of “other means” as well. 

A 2013 report from the Government Accountability Office found that the government has used “other methods” to demand arbitration of contracts. 

For example, the government sued a trucking company for $6.3 million in 2011 over a contract for transporting its cargo from Georgia to Virginia. 

In the case, the judge found that, by requiring the trucking companies to negotiate their terms with the government, the agency had violated its duty to protect consumers. 

Then there are the cases where the government is demanding arbitration of consumer contracts that are not based on contract law. 

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled that arbitration clauses in mortgage lending contracts should not apply to federal housing agencies because they are not “sole contractual entities.” 

The ruling came after a class-action lawsuit filed by a group of former mortgage brokers, which argued that the clauses violated the consumer protections in the Fair Housing Act. 

Federal agencies are also now demanding arbitration on contracts involving Medicare. 

While the government hasn’t been doing this on a huge scale, it is ramping up its efforts to go to court in an effort to win more arbitration cases, including one over a Medicare prescription drug benefit. 

“The federal government is making it easier for them to demand a court order to get more arbitration, and it’s encouraging them to do so,” said Mike Biederman, an attorney at the Institute for Justice. 

Biederman said that it’s not unusual for the government to go out and use other methods to enforce its rights in these cases. 

One of those is an executive order issued by the President this month. 

Under the executive order, the White House is calling on the Federal Arbitration Tribunal to create a list of “publicly available, easily accessible, and commercially available” arbitration agreements and to include them in its website. 

Among the public available agreements the government lists are contracts with the American Express, United Parcel Service, and Walmart. 

And as for the other companies that the White

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