‘Panda’ wins bid to fight Uber-like ride-hailing company

By Amy ChozickSeptember 15, 2018 5:10PMIn the past few years, Uber has been under fire from lawmakers and consumers for its pricing practices and its ability to use a variety of deceptive tactics to get drivers to give up their rides.

Now, it has also been fighting another big player in ride-sharing: Panda, a Chinese ride-share service that has more than 70,000 drivers in the country.

Uber, in an attempt to block Panda, is suing the Chinese ride service provider, alleging that the company is operating without a license and is stealing data that could be used to target its drivers.

The case comes at a time when Uber has also become the target of consumer complaints about its ability the ride-booking service to comply with the law, particularly when it comes to sharing data with third parties, like taxi companies.

In a court filing Monday, Uber claimed that Panda is not licensed in China, and that its data collection practices are “illegal.”

Panda is not a licensed taxi company in China.

This claim is false, Uber says in the filing.

Instead, it alleges that Panda uses its data for the purpose of analyzing driver behavior to identify potential competitors.

Uber has previously claimed that it has not engaged in illegal activity.

But the filing comes amid an ongoing legal battle over the legality of ride-assistance companies in China that could ultimately impact the livelihoods of thousands of Uber drivers.

While Uber is fighting Panda, it’s also fighting Uber-related companies like YellowCab, which is owned by Lyft and has operated in China since 2015.

The company filed a motion in U.S. District Court in Washington last month asking a judge to block YellowCabs and Lyft from operating in China because the companies use data collected by YellowCabb to target drivers.

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