Why the new ARMA 2 beta is better than the ARMA 1 beta

As I’ve learned the hard way over the last few months, when a game has a beta release, it’s not just about a new interface, but also about a lot of little things.

Like the ability to customize your profile or your own clan, or the ability for friends to join you in your gamespace.

ARMA has a ton of features in the game, but it’s just a little bit lacking.

ARM 2 has more of that.

In the ARMS beta, I got to play around with a few different things, like my personal profile, my clan, my custom team, and the customization menu.

What I found was that, even with the new UI, I felt like the game was lacking in many areas.

There were plenty of times I couldn’t see where the player was, where the HUD was, or where the gamepad was, and it wasn’t always clear which weapons were available.

And I often found myself trying to make quick, hard choices.

For instance, I was on a mission with a buddy who needed help with some bad guys.

The mission ended in a failed ambush, so I decided to go back and try again, but this time with my buddy.

I found that I couldn’ t do much to help out, so instead I ended up taking out one of the bad guys, but then went back to help another one, and so on.

It just felt like I was trying to help a bunch of different people while not really helping them.

It felt like a frustrating process.

But I also saw a lot that ARMA did right.

One thing I noticed early on was that I had a much better feel for where my teammates were, which was nice.

Another thing was that when I needed to see which weapons I had available to me in my team, I didn’t have to constantly rewind and rewatch my HUD.

It seemed like the UI would just be a guide and I could just click on the weapon that I wanted and that would show me where the weapons were in my squad.

And that was a big part of what made ARMA feel like a good game.

There were also a couple of small things that made the beta release of ARMA stand out.

One was the ability that I could take a screenshot of my character and then use that to log in with my friends and view all of their achievements.

And another was the way that you could customize your squad in ARMA, which felt great.

It was really nice to see what the UI could do.

The UI was also pretty responsive and easy to use, and I was able to use it as my primary input method to make my own custom missions.

Finally, one of my favorite things about the ARM beta was how much I liked the game’s “team” system.

When you were playing with your teammates, you could select who could join you, but the only thing you could do with your team was take on missions with them.

I enjoyed this because it gave me the opportunity to take on a lot more missions than I normally would, which is something I really enjoy doing.

You can take on more missions with a smaller team of friends than you can with a large team of players.

It’s still a beta, of course, and there’s still plenty of work to be done, like balancing and balancing out some of the bugs, but I’m definitely happy with how things are looking right now.

And, as I said, I’m really enjoying the new interface.

I’ll be playing ARMA2’s beta on PC this weekend, and, once again, I’ll be trying out the new features.

I’ve already been able to get into some of my missions with my teammates, and they’re looking really good.

I’ll definitely be playing the beta again, though, when it’s ready for release.

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