Embryo Markets Arbitration: Market Data Arbitrator to Issue Rules for Embryos

Arbitrators will be tasked with issuing rules and guidance for Embyos and related parties as they work through the legal process to find a settlement and ultimately a viable pregnancy. 

A representative from the Embryon Markets Arbitrator will be in Sydney to deliver the findings of the arbitration, which will include any necessary legal advice. 

It will be up to the arbitrators to determine the final outcome. 

If the results of the arbitrator’s findings are positive, the Embyon Markets arbitrator will then issue a decision in the form of a legal order. 

The outcome of that decision will be binding upon the parties involved, who will be able to appeal that decision to the High Court. 

“There is currently no binding decision that will be issued in the event of a successful case, but it is important that Embryonic Embryology (EBI) companies, including those who have submitted a claim for damages, receive a fair and impartial outcome,” a statement from the Arbitration Authority said. 

This is the third time the Arbitrator has worked with the Australian Embryonics Association to address concerns around the legal aspects of Embryogen. 

In July 2016, the arbitral tribunal issued an order finding the company’s legal strategy did not meet the standards required by the law, but the company was not formally disciplined. 

Last year, the Arbitral Tribunal ruled against the company in the case, which was heard in the High Courts in March 2017.

The case was adjourned for a new arbitrator to be appointed in the next few weeks, with the date of that new arbiter not yet set.

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