How to win arbitration against an agent

The market for sports agents is so competitive that a player cannot afford to be seen as an unreliable agent, writes Antonio Trindade.

The agent who offers to negotiate a player’s wages, performance bonuses and any other related details in exchange for a fee can become the main target of a player in negotiations.

The most popular agent for sports is the one who is paid the minimum wage, which is around €6,000 per month, according to the latest research by Deloitte.

This means that the agent cannot be considered a ‘low-paid’ agent, and thus it is almost impossible to negotiate any deal with one, the firm said.

There is no such restriction in relation to the arbitrator, it said, adding that the arbitrators decisions are made on the basis of the advice of the relevant parties.

However, in a market like this, the agents have to prove that they are reliable, trustworthy and unbiased.

Trindade has analysed data from the most popular sports agent agencies in Italy, and found that there is a wide gap between the agent’s performance and that of the player.

“There is not much difference between a professional football agent and a professional athlete.

The agent’s ability to convince a player is often less than the player’s,” he said.”

The agent’s reputation and the player are important in a negotiation, and this is why many players are not willing to negotiate with an agent who has a reputation of being unreliable.”

However, when it comes to a case where a player wants to switch agents, it is crucial that the player knows exactly what is happening, Trindades analysis shows.

“In many cases, the player is more willing to agree to an agent’s offer if the agent has a positive reputation, or if he believes he can get a better deal than if he had an agent with a negative reputation,” Trindaves wrote.

“If the player has a strong reputation, then his agent’s offers are less attractive.”

The problem of the agent, however, is not limited to the player himself.

“This is also true of an athlete’s agent.

It is very difficult to negotiate an agent for an athlete who has not been playing professionally for a long time,” Trinderades said.

“The player may not be willing to compromise, but the player may still be willing, as long as the agent does not offer to negotiate his wages and performance bonuses.”

Even when an agent offers a good deal, he may not have enough credibility with the player to convince him to agree.

“A lot of players want to switch their agent but they are often not convinced, and even when they are convinced, it may be too late.”

One can think of this as a problem of bargaining power,” Trinders said.

In a situation like this where the player wants an agent, but is not convinced that the contract can be renegotiated in the same way as a professional player, it can be very difficult for him to make a deal.”

It can be especially difficult if he wants to negotiate for a team, because he does not know how to negotiate as a team player,” Trimmades said.”

The best way to negotiate is to find a professional team agent who is very knowledgeable, reliable and independent.

“Source: Il Giornale

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