How to get the most out of a credit card arbitration

The best way to get a better deal from your credit card issuer is to have your own arbitration hearing.

The process involves a phone call to the issuer and a meeting with a lawyer, and typically takes no more than a couple of hours.

If you’ve been stuck for months or years without an arbitration hearing, you can still take advantage of the new credit card program, known as FairPlay, that allows you to request a hearing online or in person.

But there’s one big caveat: The hearing must be in person, which is not always easy to do.

You can only request one hearing online, and that’s only if you’re the one getting the credit card dispute.

For consumers, the best thing to do is call your credit union, and ask for the arbitration hearing online.

If your credit report is currently being reviewed by your credit bureaus, that could be helpful.

The second best thing is to go to a bank branch and tell them your problem.

The bank will be able to schedule the hearing for you, and you can ask for it in person by calling the bank directly.

You might even get a refund if you file a claim before your hearing.

When it comes to a credit union or a bank, it’s also important to have a copy of your credit file with you, so you can prove to the lender that you have credit worthiness.

The best advice here is to keep a copy in a safe place, especially if you have a lot of debt.

You can also check out the latest Consumer Reports credit ratings for your creditworthiness.

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