Israel approves controversial plan to regulate the embryos of fetuses

Israel has approved a controversial plan that would regulate the fetuses of fetids, including embryos of Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

According to the plan approved on Friday by the High Court of Justice, the fertilized eggs of Jewish children born to Jewish mothers in the occupied West Bank will be stored for seven years and the embryos will be frozen for up to four years.

The decision was hailed by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, which said it will put an end to the “unethical and immoral practice of abortion” in Israel.

It will prevent miscarriages, according to B’Tslmic, the Israeli branch of the UN body.

Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that such procedures are illegal and violate the rights of Palestinians.

The new policy will apply to fertilized or frozen eggs, too, and to embryos.

Israel has the largest Jewish population in the world, with about 50% of the population of about 1.8 billion people.

The Jewish settlers who live in the territory also make up around 10% of Israel’s population.

The High Court approved the plan on Friday, a day after Israel’s cabinet approved a bill that would require Israeli hospitals to perform abortions for women seeking to terminate pregnancies.

The bill has been referred to the Knesset, the country’s lower house of parliament.

It would be one of the first steps in a long-term plan that will see Israeli hospitals close to all clinics in the country, including those that perform abortions.

The bill is meant to address a crisis that has led to the closure of over 400 clinics in recent years, including in Jerusalem and other cities in the region.

Last week, the Israel Bar Association, a right-wing advocacy group, filed a petition in the High Courts that would prevent any change in the law.

It called on the Supreme Court to strike down the plan.

Israel’s Health Ministry declined to comment on the decision.

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