‘Warframe’ developer gets $500K for game’s arbitration tribunal

Arbitration market game Warframe has won $500,000 from the developer, GameFront, for a tool it developed to help developers create game tribunals.

Warframe is a sandbox game where players take on the role of arbitrators, deciding whether or not a developer is responsible for a game’s content.

This tool is used by game developers to track and enforce the contracts that publishers sign with developers.

Warframes arbitration tribunal was a project started by the developer for its game.

GameFront was able to use the tool to find and investigate violations of game developers’ contracts, which are typically in a more abstract form.

WarFrame said it used the tool because it believed it was valuable for arbitrators to know the content of the contract, which can be important when disputes arise over copyright issues.

“The arbitration tool enables developers to understand how game developers have been compensated for their work, as well as what rights the publisher has, so that they can better negotiate their contracts,” the developer said in a statement.

“As a result, we have found that our game’s developers have received compensation in the amount of $1.2 million from us.”

Warframe said that it is working with GameFront to secure the funds to continue development.

The tool allows developers to monitor contract violations, and will allow them to track which publishers have agreed to settle.

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