Why Google’s latest marketing blitz is causing some headaches for its rivals

Google’s biggest advertising campaign in years has triggered a barrage of complaints to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and has been condemned as “unfair” and “unprofessional”.

The campaign, which was launched on Wednesday, aimed to promote its search giant’s new “Bounty” advertising program, which lets businesses buy and share targeted ads.

The adverts featured people wearing Google glasses and using a virtual assistant to deliver the same message, and also showed the Google logo at the top and a black outline across the top of the screen.

Advertisement Google said the ads were targeted to “the best people in Australia, and the very best people”, and that it would only run them in places where “there is no evidence that they have made any money from the ad”.

It also accused the industry of using the “fraudulent” business model of advertising companies like Priceline and PricewaterhouseCoopers to generate revenue for themselves, which “should be a concern to consumers”.

The ACCC said it had “received a number of complaints about the use of Google Glass to deliver advertising, including a number regarding unfair competition”.

“Google has been made aware of these complaints and we will be looking into them further,” a spokeswoman said.

The campaign was aimed at “the very best Australians”, but “there was also a number which targeted the very worst people in the industry”.

In a statement to the ABC, Google said it “takes its responsibilities as a fair and impartial marketer very seriously”.

“We’ve always valued our advertising relationships with consumers, and we take our responsibility to act fairly and impartially very seriously,” it said.

“We know the use and misuse of Google glasses is not uncommon and we’ve always been transparent about it, including to the commission.”

We take the issues raised by consumers seriously, and have a zero tolerance approach to any abuse of our advertising arrangements.

“These are all important and important issues that we will continue to investigate.”

The campaign came a week after Google launched a similar initiative, called “Bounties”, aimed at its search partners.

It was billed as a way to encourage more Australian businesses to use its technology to target advertising.

Google’s ‘bounty’ advertising campaign has been criticised for not accurately targeting consumers The campaign is the latest in a string of Google advertising efforts designed to target its “bounty” program, and to target businesses that have been making money off of the program.

Google said its “BOUNTY” advertising service had been “designed to target companies and organisations with proven growth potential” and to be able to “promote the value of Google Search”.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission said it was “very concerned” that the campaign had targeted businesses that it did not have any direct links to.

“The advertising for the ‘Bounty’ campaign includes the Google Glass logo and some text from a PwC report which states that there is no proof that these companies have made a profit from the program,” the ACCC told the ABC.

The ACCCP said the “BOUNTING” campaign targeted businesses “that have a strong track record of making money from their advertising arrangements” and it was working to address the issue. “

Google is aware of the issues with this campaign and is taking the issue very seriously.”

The ACCCP said the “BOUNTING” campaign targeted businesses “that have a strong track record of making money from their advertising arrangements” and it was working to address the issue.

The “BUNTIES” campaign, aimed at business groups, “was designed to give business groups the opportunity to advertise directly on Google’s search results pages”, it said, and was targeted at “small and medium sized businesses”.

Google’s advertising strategy in Australia was not immediately clear, but it is part of a broader “strategy of increasing the number of businesses in Australia who can access Google search.”

The “bounties” advertising campaign was criticised by many in the advertising industry, including the Australian Taxation Office, which said it would “review the adverts”.

The ACTC said “BEST” did not accurately target Australians, and that the company’s campaign was “disgraceful”.

The company is still targeting business groups in Australia “because we are the only company that offers a search product that can directly target businesses”.

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