When you’re a market arbitrator: What you need to know

When you have a dispute with your retailer over a policy you believe to be unfair or misleading, you have no right to a hearing in court, unless you live in a province that offers an option for arbitration, and if so, you should do so.

You can’t go to court to have your policy enforced, and you can’t be denied a sale if you’re under contract with your retail outlet.

Arbitration is legal, but it’s difficult and expensive.

To make it easier, the CRTC has introduced a new rule that will make it much easier for people to file consumer complaints.

The CRTC said in a press release that it has created a new framework for consumer advocacy groups and consumers to bring consumer complaints to the CRPC if they believe their rights have been violated.

This new rule is meant to protect the rights of consumers to seek arbitration.

It includes a process to ensure that consumers have access to an independent arbitration service and to have access if they are unable to get a hearing.

“If a consumer believes that a policy is discriminatory, unreasonable or otherwise violates their rights, they should be able to access a neutral third-party arbitrator, such as an independent consumer advocate, without fear of reprisal,” says Carolyn Milner, director of consumer affairs and communications at the CRBC.

“The process for obtaining an arbitration hearing should also be transparent, so that consumers can better understand what happens during arbitration, including the arbitration costs.”

Consumers can file a complaint with the CRP online or by calling 1-800-563-7000.

For more information, read our guide to consumer complaints and complaints from businesses.

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