‘We will be able to make a living off of it’: Former FTC official says ‘it’s going to be easy’

A former chief counsel at the Federal Trade Commission says that there will be “easy” ways for consumers to navigate the online marketplaces.

In a recent interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Michael Weinstein, who worked as chief counsel of the FTC from 2013 to 2018, said that the internet is a “great opportunity for consumers” and that “we are not going to see any big disruption in the marketplace.”

Weinstein says that consumers will find it “easy to use” the marketplaces, because there will likely be a “few hundred million people who have a smartphone” and a “small number of people who can’t afford a smartphone.”

“So the reason that we have been so successful in protecting consumers is because we’ve been very careful about the kinds of things that we did to prevent consumers from getting caught up in the web,” he said.

“We knew we were going to take some risks in the way that we dealt with the data that was on the internet, but we also wanted to make sure that consumers had the information they needed to make informed decisions.”

“The problem that we had is that we were so cautious, because we didn’t want to be in a situation where consumers were being misled,” Weinstein said.

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