Why the industry needs a regulator to protect consumers: A primer

The battle over how consumers will be compensated for online purchases has reached a boiling point.That’s because of a growing and increasingly contentious dispute over the definition of an arbitration dispute, the industry’s main arbitrator and its role in consumer protection.MarketWatch spoke with five industry representatives about the need for

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How to deal with an arbitrator

An arbitrator can order you to pay a fee to the arbitration agency, but there is no need to do that if you don’t want to.An arbitral award, however, is binding on you.You may ask the arbitrator to change the terms of your contract to make them enforceable, or you

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The Best & Worst Arbitration Markets

Arbitration is a big deal for businesses, consumers, and investors.There are a lot of factors that influence how much you can expect to earn and the terms that you can accept.Here are our picks for the best and worst arbitrage markets in India.article Arbitrage is a huge deal for business,

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‘Panda’ wins bid to fight Uber-like ride-hailing company

By Amy ChozickSeptember 15, 2018 5:10PMIn the past few years, Uber has been under fire from lawmakers and consumers for its pricing practices and its ability to use a variety of deceptive tactics to get drivers to give up their rides.Now, it has also been fighting another big player in

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Israel’s new settlement in the West Bank – video

Israel is planning to build a settlement in east Jerusalem that will be in violation of international law and is expected to trigger a new round of international criticism of its settlement policies, an Israeli official said Tuesday.The move comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government prepares to announce

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What is a debt arbitration market?

It’s a marketplace that allows consumers to dispute debts or disputes between two or more businesses.They’re typically for small business, small business owners, or individuals who need to make a dispute easier.The process involves submitting a written claim for debt arbitration, which is the largest form of dispute resolution, and

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BIS arbitrations warframe market warframes

Posted September 09, 2018 06:11:50 A group of players have launched a bid to launch a new market war frame based on the popular BIS arbitration market warfighter.The game will be available on August 24 for $10.99 on Steam.Warframe’s first-person combat is currently in beta, but the developer has announced

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Why the new ARMA 2 beta is better than the ARMA 1 beta

As I’ve learned the hard way over the last few months, when a game has a beta release, it’s not just about a new interface, but also about a lot of little things.Like the ability to customize your profile or your own clan, or the ability for friends to join

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How to manage your brand without losing money

Market arbitrator has been a hot topic of conversation for the past few years, with many analysts predicting that the arbitrator’s job is to reduce conflicts between consumers and brands.In some cases, they say, it can be quite profitable.But what exactly does an arbitrator do and how do they get

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