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How to arbitrate your personal data on the web

It’s an old adage, but it still applies: When it comes to online marketplaces like Reddit, one of the best ways to avoid an arbitration case is to make sure your data isn’t being sold for profit.Arbitration, which is legal and can result in hefty damages, is a common tactic

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Why the Warframe Arbitration Market is a $1B Industry

When you think of the WarFrame arbitration market that started with the release of Warframe: Ascension, it’s likely you have an image in your mind of a giant online marketplace.But it’s actually not that.The market is really just a collection of different sites with different kinds of arbitration features, according

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‘Warframe’ developer gets $500K for game’s arbitration tribunal

Arbitration market game Warframe has won $500,000 from the developer, GameFront, for a tool it developed to help developers create game tribunals.Warframe is a sandbox game where players take on the role of arbitrators, deciding whether or not a developer is responsible for a game’s content.This tool is used by

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Apple’s big move to the ‘next level’

Apple has decided to sell its AppleCare warranty business in a bid to “reduce risk” in the arbitration market, the company said in a regulatory filing on Wednesday.AppleCare, which is a product of Apple’s retail stores, is a key revenue stream for the company.It helps the company maintain and expand

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How to create a definition arbitration market

Arbitration markets are a huge part of the EVE Online universe.They allow players to find out what other players have done wrong, and can be used to settle disputes and set terms.To use a standard arbitration market, you need to know what the rules are, and how to create an

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Embryo Market Warframe gets a new class

The Embryos Market Warframes have finally reached the battlefields of the game industry.Embryol Market Warheads have been on the market for a few weeks now, and they’re being called out in all sorts of battles.In this episode of the Embryology podcast, we take a look at the Embyol Market warhead,

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Arbitration Market: How to Create an Arbitration Marketplace

The Arbitration market is the most popular market in EVE Online, and one of the main reasons why.With so many options for finding an arbitrator for a specific dispute, you can find a way to find a good arbitrator.The Arbitral Market is the best place to find an arbiter for

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