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How to stop trolls from targeting you, experts warn

A survey of more than 1,000 people in the United States and Canada found that they’re increasingly becoming victims of online bullying, and that trolls are targeting people based on their gender, race, age, sexual orientation and religion.According to the survey, nearly half of respondents were targeted by trolls in

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Which medical device is best for you?

Consumers, medical device manufacturers, and consumers’ associations are coming together to form the Consumer Arbitration Commission, or CAC.It’s a new organization that aims to improve the way the medical device industry works.The CAC is a non-profit that’s been operating since 2012, and is the latest to step up to the

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What does arbitration mean for me?

Market research company Market Research has just released the results of an investigation into the definition of arbitration in World of Warcraft.This is a game that has been around since 1998, and is arguably the most influential MMO in the world.It is also one of the most expensive games in

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NFL’s new contract deal with Comcast-Spectacor gets done and sealed

Comcast and Spectrum Capital have signed a 10-year, $35 billion merger that will bring Comcast’s cable and satellite TV service to more than 50 million households and businesses across the country, and will give the cable and wireless companies unprecedented flexibility to create and expand their offerings.Comcast’s deal with Spectrum

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How to arbitrate a warframe market

By John GeddesWarframe arbitration is one of the hottest topics for the new generation of game developers.There are hundreds of websites that cater to a broad range of players, and a large portion of those have no idea what they’re talking about.In fact, it’s not even clear if they exist

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Market arbitrator in marketing is a ‘gold standard’

Market arbitrators have been awarded gold-standard status in marketing terms by a panel of judges.Market arbitrating panels are independent of the commission, but they can act as a sort of ‘gold-standard’ in terms of fairness and accuracy.Arbitrators have long been used in the US to resolve disputes between companies and

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How the FFP has affected football’s most popular brands

In a bid to combat a rising tide of corporate cash, FIFA has put the power of its global marketing arm at the centre of its efforts to rein in the most popular football brands.It is a move that could have serious ramifications for the sport’s most-coveted franchises, as it

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