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Which PvP game is the best PvP game right now?

By the end of next month, players will be able to choose between two games that have the potential to be the best.The first game, called Warframe, is a combat MMO that lets you play as one of five factions in a war between the factions of the Warframe universe.The

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Why is the global arbitration market booming?

In the year since the Global Arbitration Fairness Act was passed in March, the global market for arbitration has grown significantly.The market is now worth around $1.4 trillion (£750bn), a 30% increase on the year before.The International Arbitration Association (IAA), the organisation which regulates the arbitration industry, predicts that arbitration

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Why is the internet a warframe market?

The warframe community is often considered a niche within the community.But a new survey from The Battlefront®: The Definitive Collection™ reveals that the community is much larger than many of us would expect.According to the survey conducted by Battlefront’s community manager, Matt Schumacher, over two million members of the community

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How to get an arbitration settlement after you settle a dispute

You can’t just buy a settlement.Arbitration is an in-person, face-to-face hearing, where lawyers and judges assess whether your case is valid or not.Arbitrators typically decide whether your complaint is valid based on their own expert opinions.You can dispute the validity of your case by asking the judge for a jury

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Why the war on arbitration isn’t working

Market wars are always messy, but it seems to me that the most recent case is no different.The latest in a long line of conflicts between arbitrators and game developers is the one between two video game companies: one that sells and one that makes, and that is suing each

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The warframe that can help your business survive an arbitration fight

Market warframe has been around for years now, but this latest iteration is a much more interesting one.Market Warframe is a market data analytics tool, and while it does require you to know a lot of advanced technical jargon, it does have some real benefits.The tool uses your analytics to

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